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Get the first book in the Skylark Trilogy here for just $0.99 and read it in time for Lark Ascending, coming October 1, 2014!
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Get the first book in the Skylark Trilogy here for just $0.99 and read it in time for Lark Ascending, coming October 1, 2014!

Pre-order Lark AscendingIndieBound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository


writing tip: if in doubt add more dragons. if not in doubt add more dragons. dragons dragons dragons. “but it wouldn’t work out” I hear you say YOU ARE WRONG AND NEED THREE MORE DRAGONS “but it’s a romantic drama” you tell me well tough cookies friend you’re gonna need like eight more dragons. nine more. like maybe twelve. DRAGONS

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Hey guys!

So, tomorrow night (Friday, 9/19) at 8:30 PM EST, I’m going to be participating in a (free) Google Hangout to benefit the Read For Pixels campaign! (In a nutshell, The Pixel Project is a volunteer-led non-profit organization seeking to end violence against women. It’s…

Just wanted to reblog this (since the hangout’s tonight)! Hope to see some of you there!! <3






Some harsh but very very true words

When people let me review their portfolios (on career day or open days at my game design school) I explicitly ban them from commenting during the review… …because otherwise they will follow the impulse to downplay everything I see in an attempt at being humble.

"this is an old image…"

"I’m not happy with that one…"

"this is just a sketch…"

"I did this really quickly…"

"there is better stuff on later pages…"

It’s totally understandable to have those impulses. The quality of art is not empirical data and therefore impossible to measure. Good art, bad art, it all comes down to standards. And you don’t want to come off as naive or self-absorbed.

But just don’t do it. Don’t talk yourself down in front of others. In the best case you have someone supportive who now thinks “damn, this person needs to be prepped up all the time. Do I really want to work with somebody like that” or in worst case “now that you say it, yeah, this is kinda lame/rushed/unfinished/lazy, go away.”

You can only submit what you have. If that is not enough, then it’s not enough. Your attitude will not change that. But if it is enough, you can do serious harm by not being confident of who you are now.

This means appreciating what you are able to do right now and have a clear vision of what you want to learn, be confident that you will learn it in time. 

Be proud.

This is really important.  Eliminate this urge.  Eliminate it professionally, when having contact with people in a position to buy your work.  Eliminate it socially, when you just share your work for fun.  Destroy this urge as thoroughly as you possibly can.

Because when you have done that, you’ll find that you feel at least 25% less shitty about your own work.  You lose the urge to do it.  You stop reinforcing those negative thoughts, and they retreat.  They may never go away completely (although they might!) but this is good practice for ignoring those thoughts flat-out.

Don’t shit-talk yourself.  Even if you can’t be SO PROUD, don’t ever try to influence anyone’s opinion toward your work in the negative.

Try to love your work.  Try to see what you learned from each piece, even if it’s a failure.  If you feel that you learned nothing, appreciate the fact that just spending time on it is honing your skills and giving you valuable practice.

i used to be super not-confident in my own work.  When I stopped pointing out the flaws in my own stuff, I felt better about it almost immediately.

As a lifelong self deprecator, I’m trying this and really enjoying it so far!

Sorry I’ve been reblogging so much advice lately but this is a pet-peeve and I really wish people would stop doing it.

Also calling yourself/your interests trash/garbage. If you think that, then why do I want to know you, follow your blog, or follow you professionally? People who follow you keep tabs on that stuff, and it influences their thoughts on you and your work, whether you intend it to or not.

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Classic Hollywood Bloopers

And the greatest Hollywood blooper of all time:

OMG, how are these so much funnier than modern bloopers?

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Wow look at these Aussie examples of YA awesomeness!  Which one do you think deserves to win the Gold Inky Award?

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I love reading bad reviews of classic books on Amazon and Goodreads

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They wouldn’t say “Father of two meets world leaders today”

They’d say “President Obama meets world leaders today”.

They wouldn’t say “Father of three founds one of the most successful modern computer businesses.”

They’d say “Bill Gates founds one of the most successful modern computer businesses.”

Get your shit right and use women’s names, not the number of kids they have.

This makes me so furious I can barely hit the reblog button. I just… what. WHAT THE FUCK.

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The past is often dismissed because we remember it being in grayscale. Now we can see it as it truly was—and it is stunning.

See more colorful transformations:

These are AMAZING.

Get the first book in the Skylark Trilogy here for just $0.99 and read it in time for Lark Ascending, coming October 1, 2014!

Pre-order Lark Ascending: IndieBound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository


"I’ve been a professor of marine biology for 64 years."
“So with all that you’ve learned about the ocean during that time, what amazes you the most?”
“It’s huge.”

(Odessa, Ukraine)

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Of all man’s instruments, the most wondrous, no doubt, is the book. The other instruments are extensions of his body. The microscope, the telescope, are extensions of his sight; the telephone is the extension of his voice; then we have the plow and the sword, extensions of the arm. But the book is something else altogether: the book is an extension of memory and imagination.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
hi I'm elven and I'm writing a book series called Ray Of Light the first book is called Council Of Seven Crystals, i need some advice because I'm scared i wont be able to publish it because of my age I've written a few chapters and I really like it, sorry for bothering you with this message. bye!
meaganspooner meaganspooner Said:



You can publish no matter how old or young you are. With your age, you’d have to have parental permission to publish (as you would need for any legal contract until you’re an adult), but it’s certainly possible. 

But! I want to make sure you know that publishing now…it’s just not that important. I was writing when I was your age as well, and I dreamed of publication, too. But now I am so, so, SO glad that I waited to seek publication. Right now, your job is to grow. Grow as a person, grow as a writer. 

Writing is fun. It’s joyous. Publishing is hard. It’s work. It’s a job. It’s really not fun. The end result—having a book out there in the world—that part is good. But the process between having finished a book and having the book published is hard

Keep writing. And if this is the career for you, don’t give it up. You’ll find a way. But don’t lose the joy of writing. 

THIS: “Writing is fun. It’s joyous. Publishing is hard. It’s work. It’s a job. It’s really not fun.”

Beth Explains It All. Writing is awesome but being a writer has a looooot more ups and downs.